Joey came to this country on 1989 to bring the freshest, most delicious Italian food to you. At A-1 Pizza, we count our pizzas, donairs, and subs as our specialties. The Big Slice was born here, and we created Bubba, a sub whose name says it all. Our authentic donairs are a meal in themselves with the ideal combination of meat, tomatoes, onions, and sauce.

Established in 1993, A-1 Pizza is committed to our customers and employees alike. We value and honour our conscientious employees, like Deborah Williams, who allow us to give you good food and friendly service. Without her, Joey wouldn’t be able to operate the business. Equally as valuable are our customers. We are there when you need us. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to keep our doors open.

A-1 Pizza offers a wide range of Italian foods ranging from pizzas to subs and even donairs. Stop in today at our Liverpool location or take a look at our menu today!

Quality Ingredients

Our food is made with the finest ingredients.

Authentic Taste

We cook our pizza the old fashion way, in a stone pizza oven.

Fast Delivery

We deliver phone-ins with a minimum purchase of $12.00 before pop or tax, delivery charge applies, Interac/Debit avalilable ($2.00 charge).

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